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2008Numerical simulation of small angle scattering (SAXS) for large atomic clustersCastro, A. R. B. de; Eremina, E.; Bostedt, C.; Hoener, M.; Thomas, H.; Möller, T.-Artigo
2007Spectroscopy of rare gas clusters using VUV light from a free-electron-laserCastro, A. R. B. de; Bostedt, C.; Eremina, E.; Hoener, M.; Thomas, H.; Laarmann, T.; Fennel, T.; Meiwes-Broer, K. H.; Plonjes, E.; Kuhlmann, M.; Wabnitz, H.; Möller, T.-Artigo
2008Charge recombination in soft X-ray laser produced nanoplasmasHoener, M.; Bostedt, C.; Thomas, H.; Landt, L.; Eremina, E.; Wabnitz, H.; Laarmann, T.; Treusch, R.; Castro, A. R. B. de; Möller, T.-Artigo
2008Multistep ionization of argon clusters in intense femtosecond extreme ultraviolet pulsesBostedt, C.; Thomas, H.; Hoener, M.; Eremina, E.; Fennel, T.; Meiwes-Broer, K.-H.; Wabnitz, H.; Kuhlmann, M.; Plöenjes, E.; Tiedtke, K.; Treusch, R.; Feldhaus, J.; Castro, A. R. B. de; Möller, T.-Artigo
2012Ultrafast X-ray scattering of xenon nanoparticles: imaging transient states of matterBostedt, C.; Eremina, E.; Rupp, D.; Adolph, M.; Thomas, H.; Hoener, M.; Castro, A. R. B. de; Tiggesbäumker, J.; Meiwes-Broer, K.-H.; Laarmann, T.; Wabnitz, H.; Plönjes, E.; Treusch, R.; Schneider, J. R.; Möller, T.-Artigo
2009Shell explosion and core expansion of xenon clusters irradiated with intense femtosecond soft X-ray pulsesThomas, H.; Bostedt, C.; Hoener, M.; Eremina, E.; Wabnitz, H.; Laarmann, T.; Plonjes, E.; Treusch, R.; Castro, A. R. B. de; Möller T.-Artigo
2012Identification of twinned gas phase clusters by single-shot scattering with intense soft X-ray pulsesRupp, D.; Adolph, M.; Gorkhover, T.; Schorb, S.; Wolter, D.; Hartmann, R.; Kimmel, N.; Reich, C.; Feigl, T.; Castro, A. R. B. de; Treusch, R.; Strüder, L.; Möller, T.; Bostedt, C.-Artigo
2010Clusters in intense FLASH pulses: ultrafast ionization dynamics and electron emission studied with spectroscopic and scattering techniquesBostedt, C.; Adolph, M.; Eremina, E.; Hoener, M.; Rupp, D.; Schorb, S.; Thomas, H.; Castro, A. R. B. de; Möller, T.-Artigo