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2016The Role Of 17-beta-estradiol And Estrogen Receptors On Glucose Homeostasis In Malnourishment MiceGarcía-Arévalo, M.; Lorza-Gil, E.; Leite, N. C.; Vettorazzi, J. F.; Costa-Júnior, J. M.; Borck, P. C.; Boschero, A. C.; Carneiro, E. M.-Outros documentos
2015Long-term taurine supplementation leads to enhanced hepatic steatosis, renal dysfunction and hyperglycemia in mice fed on a high-fat dietBranco, R. C. S.; Batista, T. M.; Camargo, R. L.; Borck, P. C.; Ribeiro, R. A.; Zoppi, C. C.; Lollo, P. C. B.; Morato, P. N.; Boschero, A. C.; Carneiro, E. M.-Artigo
2017Effect of ARHGAP21 reduction upon glucose-insulin homeostasis and body composition of diet-induced obesity in C57BL/6 miceSoares, G. M.; Zangerolamo, L.; de Azevedo, E. G.; Saad, S. O.; Boschero, A. C.; Barbosa-Sampaio, H. C.-Outros documentos
2017Paternal exercise increased the susceptibility to develop type 2 diabetes by trigger an incapacity of beta cell to compensate insulin resistanceCosta-Júnior, J. M.; Ferreira, S. M.; Santos, G. J. dos; Kurauti, M. A.; Ruano, E. G.; Vettorazzi, J. F.; Schug, J.; Zoppi, C. C.; Kaestner, K. H.; Boschero, A. C.; Oliveira, C. A. M. de; Carneiro, E. M.-Outros documentos
2009Reduced pancreatic β-cell mass is associated with decreased FoxO1 and Erk1/2 protein phosphorylation in low-protein malnourished ratsRafacho, A.; Giozzet, V. A. G.; Boschero, A. C.; Abrantes, J. L. F.; Cestari, T. M.; Carneiro, E. M.; Bosqueiro, J. R.-Artigo