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2012Overview And Computational Approach For Studying The Physicochemical Characterization Of High-boiling-point Petroleum Fractions (350°c+) [approche Informatique Pour L'étude Des Propriétés Physico-chimiques De Fraction Pétrolière Lourde (350°c+)]Plazas Tovar L.; Wolf Maciel M.R.; Maciel Filho R.; Batistella C.B.; Celis Ariza O.J.; Medina L.C.-Artigo de periódico
2012High-boiling-point Petroleum Fractions Upgrading Using The Centrifugal Reactive-molecular Distillation Process Over Catalyst: Mathematical Modeling And Simulation Including Experimental ValidationTovar L.P.; Wolf-Maciel M.R.; Batistella C.B.; Winter A.; Maciel-Filho R.; Medina L.C.-Artigo de periódico
2008Molecular Distillation Modeling And Simulation To Split Heavy Petroleum FractionsLinan L.Z.; Lima N.M.N.; Maciel M.R.W.; Filho R.M.; Batistella C.B.; Manenti F.; Manca D.; Medina L.C.-Artigo de evento
2006Evaluation Of Atmospheric And Vacuum Residues Using Molecular Distillation And OptimizationMaciel Filho R.; Batistella C.B.; Sbaite P.; Winter A.; Vasconcelos C.J.G.; Wolf Maciel M.R.; Gomes A.; Medina L.; Kunert R.-Artigo de evento
2006True Boiling Point Extended Curve Of Vacuum Residue Through Molecular DistillationSbaite P.; Batistella C.B.; Winter A.; Vasconcelos C.J.G.; Wolf Maciel M.R.; Maciel Filho R.; Gomes A.; Medina L.; Kunert R.-Artigo de evento
2000Rigorous Modeling And Simulation Of Molecular Distillators: Development Of A Simulator Under Conditions Of Non Ideality Of The Vapor PhaseBatistella C.B.; Maciel M.R.W.; Maciel Filho R.-Artigo de evento
2007Optimization Of Tocopherol Concentration Process From Soybean Oil Deodorized Distillate Using Response Surface MethodologyIto V.M.; Batistella C.B.; Maciel M.R.W.; Filho R.M.-Artigo de evento
1996Modeling, Simulation And Analysis Of Molecular Distillators: Centrifugal And Falling FilmBatistella C.B.; Maciel M.R.W.-Artigo de periódico
2009Development Of Intensified Hybrid Equipment: Reactive Molecular DistillerWinter A.; Batistella C.B.; Wolf Maciel M.R.; Maciel Filho R.; Medina L.C.-Artigo de evento
2009Simulated Distillation Of Fractions Of Petroleum Distillates By Molecular DistillationLopes M.S.; Winter A.; Maciel M.R.W.; Batistella C.B.; Filho R.M.; Medina L.C.-Artigo de evento
2009Special Molecular Distillation Prototype To Characterization Petroleum ResidueRocha E.R.L.; Wolf Maciel M.R.; Maceil Filho R.; Batistella C.B.; Medina L.C.-Artigo de evento
2009Modeling And Simulation Of Molecular Distillation Process For A Heavy Petroleum CutZuniga L.L.; Lima N.M.N.; Wolf Maciel M.R.; Maciel Filho R.; Batistella C.B.; Manca D.; Manenti F.; Medina L.C.-Artigo de evento
2009Production Of Monoglycerides And Diglycerides Through Lipase-catalyzed Glycerolysis And Molecular Distillation [produção De Monoacilgliceróis E Diacilgliceróis Via Glicerólise Enzimática E Destilação Molecular]Fregolente P.B.L.; Pinto G.M.F.; Wolf-Maciel M.R.; Filho R.M.; Batistella C.B.-Artigo de periódico
2002Molecular Distillation Process For Recovering Biodiesel And Carotenoids From Palm OilBatistella C.B.; Moraes E.B.; Maciel Filho R.; Wolf Maciel M.R.-Artigo de evento
1999Comparing Centrifugal And Falling Film Molecular Stills Using Reflux And Cascade For Fine Chemical SeparationsBatistella C.B.; Moraes E.B.; WolfMaciel M.R.-Artigo de evento
2006Molecular Distillation: A Powerful Technology For Obtaining Tocopherols From Soya SludgeDe Moraes E.B.; Martins P.F.; Batistella C.B.; Torres Alvarez M.E.; Maciel Filho R.; Wolf Maciel M.R.-Artigo de evento