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2004Atypical beta-adrenoceptor subtypes mediate relaxations of rabbit corpus cavernosumTeixeira, C.E.; De Nucci, G.; Baracat, J.S.; Antunes, E.; Zanesco, A.-Artigo
2005Mechanisms underlying relaxation of rabbit aorta by BAY 41-2272, a nitric oxide-independent soluble guanylate cyclase activatorPriviero, F.B.M.; Antunes, E.; Claudino, M.A.; Teixeira, C.E.; Baracat, J.S.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2009Comparative relaxing effects of sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil in human corpus cavernosum: contribution of endogenous nitric oxide releaseClaudino, M. A.; Teixeira, C.E.; Priviero, F.B.M.; Toque, H.A.; De Nucci, G.; Fregonesi, A.; Baracat, J.S.; Antunes, E.-Artigo
2006Stimulation of soluble guanylyl cyclase by BAY 41-2272 relaxes anococcygeus muscle: interaction with nitric oxideTeixeira, C.E.; Baracat, J.S.; Claudino, M.A.; Priviero, F.B.M.; De Nucci, G.; Antunes, E.; Webb, R.C.-Artigo
2008Synthesis and pharmacological evaluations of sildenafil analogues for treatment of erectile dysfunctionCaliendo, G.; Toque, H.A.F.; Teixeira, C.E.; Priviero, F.B.M.; Fiorino, F.; Perissutti, E.; Santagada, V.; Severino, B.; Lorenzetti, R.; Frecentese, F.; Baracat, J.S.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2003Relaxing effects induced by the soluble guanylyl cyclase stimulator BAY 41-2272 in human and rabbit corpus cavernosumDe Nucci, G.; Baracat, J.S.; Priviero, F.B.M.; Teixeira, C.E.; Antunes, E.; Okuyama, C.E.; Faro, R.-Artigo
2004Nitric oxide release from human corpus cavernosum induced by a purified scorpion toxinOliveira, J.F. de; Priviero, F.B.M.; Teixeira, C.E.; Baracat, J.S.; De Nucci, G.; Okuyama, C.E.; Rodrigues Netto, N.; Antunes, E.; Fregonesi, A.-Artigo
2005Effects of β-adrenoceptor antagonists in the neural nitric oxide release induced by electrical field stimulation and sodium channel activators in the rabbit corpus cavernosumBaracat, J.S.; Arantes, E.C.; Teixeira, C.E.; De Nucci, G.; Antunes, E.-Artigo