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2009Two New Unstable Haemoglobins Leading To Chronic Haemolytic Anaemia: Hb Caruaru [β122 (gh5) Phe→ser], A Probable Case Of Germ Line Mutation, And Hb Olinda [β22 (b4) - 25 (b7)], A Deletion Of A 12 Base-pair SequenceBezerra M.A.C.; Albuquerque D.M.; Santos M.N.N.; Kimura E.M.; Jorge S.E.D.C.; Oliveira D.M.; Domingues B.L.T.B.; Peres J.C.; Araujo A.S.; Costa F.F.; Sonati M.F.-Artigo de periódico
2008The Deletion Of Sox8 Is Not Associated With Atr-16 In An Hbh Family From BrazilBezerra M.A.C.B.; Araujo A.S.; Phylipsen M.; Balak D.; Kimura E.M.; Oliveira D.M.; Costa F.F.; Sonati M.F.; Harteveld C.L.-Carta
2012Mthfr Polymorphic Variant C677t Is Associated To Vascular Complications In Sickle-cell DiseaseHatzlhofer B.L.D.; Bezerra M.A.C.; Santos M.N.N.; Albuquerque D.M.; Freitas E.M.; Costa F.F.; Araujo A.S.; Muniz M.T.C.-Artigo de periódico
2012Expression Profiles Of Phosphatidylinositol Phosphate Kinase Genes During Normal Human In Vitro Erythropoiesis.Zaccariotto T.R.; Lanaro C.; Albuquerque D.M.; Santos M.N.; Bezerra M.A.; Cunha F.G.; Lorand-Metze I.; Araujo A.S.; Costa F.F.; Sonati M.F.-Artigo de periódico
2010Thermospray Generation Directly Into A Flame Furnace-an Alternative To Improve The Detection Power In Atomic Absorption SpectrometryBezerra M.A.; Lemos V.A.; Garcia J.S.; Da Silva D.G.; Araujo A.S.; Arruda M.A.Z.-Artigo de periódico
2004Thermochemical Parameters Of Dimethyl And Di-iso-propyl Dithiocarbamate Complexes Of Palladium(ii)Botelho J.R.; Gondim A.D.; Santos I.M.G.; Dunstan P.O.; Souza A.G.; Fernandes Jr. V.J.; Araujo A.S.-Artigo de periódico
2013Brazilian Thalassemia Association Protocol For Iron Chelation Therapy In Patients Under Regular TransfusionVerissimo M.P.A.; Loggetto S.R.; Fabron Junior A.; Baldanzi G.R.; Hamerschlak N.; Fernandes J.L.; Araujo A.S.; Lobo C.L.C.; Fertrin K.Y.; Berdoukas V.A.; Galanello R.-Artigo de periódico