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2020The response of boronized 34CrAlMo5-10 (EN41B) steel to nanoindentation, oxidation, and wearLitoria, A. K.; Joshi, M. D.; Antunes, V.; Singh, D.; Figueroa, C. A.; Alvarez, F.; Hosmani, S. S.-Artigo
1-Jan-2000Structure and property relationships of amorphous CNx: a joint experimental and theoretical studySantos, M.C. dos; Alvarez, F.-Artigo de periódico
2015Photoluminescence and compositional-structural properties of ion-beam sputter deposited Er-doped TiO2-xNx films: Their potential as a temperature sensorScoca, D.; Morales, M.; Merlo, R.; Alvarez, F.; Zanatta, A. R.-Artigo
2012Nanosized precipitates in H13 tool steel low temperature plasma nitridingZagonel, L. F.; Bettini, J.; Basso, R. L. O.; Paredez, P.; Pinto, H.; Lepienski, C. M.; Alvarez, F.-Artigo de periódico
2019Effect of ion peening and pulsed plasma nitriding on the structural properties of TiN coatings sputtered onto 100Cr6 steelVales, S.; Avila, P. R. T.; Rosenkranz, A.; Droppa, R., Jr.; Soldera, F.; Garcia, J.; Alvarez, F.; Pinto, H.-Artigo
2015Effect of bombarding steel with Xe+ ions on the surface nanostructure and on pulsed plasma nitriding processCucatti, S.; Ochoa, E. A.; Morales, M.; Droppa Jr., R.; Garcia, J.; Pinto H. C.; Zagonel, L. F.; Wisnivesky, D.; Figueroa, C. A.; Alvarez, F.-Artigo
2015Identification of the chemical bonding prompting adhesion of a-C:H thin films on ferrous alloy intermediated by a SiCx:H buffer layerCemin, F.; Bim, L. T.; Leidens, L. M.; Morales, M.; Baumvol, I. J. R.; Alvarez, F.; Figueroa, C. A.-Artigo
2020Role of rare earth elements and entropy on the anatase-to-rutile phase transformation of TiO2 thin films deposited by ion beam sputteringScoca, D. L. S.; Cemin, F.; Bilmes, S. A.; Figueroa, C. A.; Zanatta, A. R.; Alvarez, F.-Artigo
2015Effect of low temperature nitriding of 100Cr6 substrates on TiN coatings deposited by IBADVales, S. dos S.; Becerra, E. A. O.; Brito, P. P.; Droppa Junior, R.; Garcia, J. L.; Alvarez, F.; Pinto, H. C.-Artigo
2015The influence of different silicon adhesion interlayers on the tribological behavior of DLC thin films deposited on steel by EC-PECVDCemin, F.; Bim, L. T.; Menezes, C. M.; Costa, M. E. H. M. da; Baumvol, I. J. R.; Alvarez, F.; Figueroa, C. A.-Artigo
2016Residual Stress In Nano-structured Stainless Steel (aisi 316l) Prompted By Xe+ Ion Bombardment At Different Impinging AnglesCucatti, S.; Droppa Jr., R.; Figueroa, C. A.; Klaus, M.; Genzel, C.; Alvarez, F.-Artigo
2020Effect of the period of the substrate oscillation in the dynamic glancing angle deposition technique: A columnar periodic nanostructure formationJimenez, M.J.M.; Antunes, V.G.; Zagonel, L.F.; Figueroa, C.A.; Wisnivesky, D.; Alvarez, F.-Artigo
2014On the hydrogenated silicon carbide (SiCx:H) interlayer properties prompting adhesion of hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-C:H) deposited on steelCemin, F.; Bim, L. T.; Menezes, C. M.; Aguzzoli, C.; da Costa, M. E. H. M.; Baumvol, I. J. R.; Alvarez, F.; Figueroa, C. A.-Artigo
2014Physicochemical, structural, mechanical, and tribological characteristics of Si3N4-MoS2 thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputteringTrentin, R. E.; Bandeira, A. L.; Cemin, F.; Morales, M.; Amorim, C. L. G.; Aguzzoli, C.; Alvarez, F.; Baumvol, I. J. R.; Farias, M. C. M.; Figueroa, C. A.-Artigo
2014Influence of ion-beam bombardment on the physical properties of 100Cr6 steelDroppa, R.; Pinto, H. C.; Garcia, J.; Ochoa, E. A.; Morales, M.; Cucatti, S.; Alvarez, F.-Artigo
2007Tool steel ion beam assisted nitrocarburizationZagonel, L. F.; Alvarez, F.-Artigo
2007Electronic structure of xenon implanted with low energy in amorphous siliconBarbieri, P. F.; Landers, R.; Oliveira, M. H. de; Alvarez, F.; Marques, F. C.-Artigo
2007Growth of nitrogenated fullerene-like carbon on Ni islands by ion beam sputteringParedez, P.; Costa, M. da; Zagonel, L. F.; Ribeiro, C. T. M.; Alvarez, F.-Artigo
2008Oxygen etching mechanism in carbon-nitrogen (CNx) domelike nanostructuresAcuña, J. J. S.; Figueroa, C. A.; Biggemann, D.; Kleinke, M. U.; Alvarez, F.-Artigo
2007Oxygen effects in plasma nitriding of ferrous alloysFigueroa, C. A.; Weber, S.; Czerwiec, T.; Alvarez, F.-Artigo