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2016Multimodal and non-linear optical microscopy applications in reproductive biologyAdur, J.; Barbosa, G. O.; Pelegati, V. B.; Baratti, M. O.; Cesar, C. L.; Casco, V. H.; Carvalho, H. F.-Artigo
2012Second-harmonic generation microscopy used to evaluate the effect of the dimethyl sulfoxide in the cryopreservation process in collagen fibers of differentiated chondrocytesAndreoli-Risso, M.F; Duarte, A.S.S.; Ribeiro, T.B.; Bordeaux-Rego, P.; Luzo, A.; Baratti, M.O.; Adur, J.; De Thomaz, A.A.; Pelegati, V.B.; Carvalho, H.F.; Cesar, C.L.; Kharmadayan, P.; Costa, F.F.; Olalla-Saad, S.T.-Artigo
2012Use of the second harmonic generation microscopy to evaluate chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells for cartilage repairBordeaux-Rego, P.; Baratti, M. O.; Duarte, A. S. S.; Ribeiro, T. B.; Andreoli-Risso, M. F.; Vidal, B.; Miranda, J. B.; Adur, J.; Thomaz, A. A. de; Pelegati, V. B.; Costa, F. F.; Carvalho, H. F.; Cesar, C. L.; Luzo, A.; Saad, S. T. Olalla-Artigo
2014Nonlinear optical microscopy signal processing strategies in cancerAdur, J.; Carvalho, H. F.; Cesar, C. L.; Casco, V. H.-Artigo
2017Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis Of Second-harmonic Generation Images: A Semiautomatic Collagen Fibers Quantification ProtocolZeitoune, A. A.; Luna, S. J. S.; Sanchez Salas, K.; Erbes, L.; Cesar, C. L.; Andrade, L. A. L. A.; Carvalho, H. F.; Bottcher-Luiz, F.; Casco, V. H.; Adur, J.-Artigo
2017Idiopathic atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini: a case study of collagen and elastin texture by multiphoton microscopyVieira-Damiani, G.; Lage, D.; Daldon, P. E. C.; Alves, C. R. T.; Cintra, M. L.; Metze, K.; Adur, J.; Pelegati, V. B.; Carvalho, H. F.; Cesar, C. L.-Artigo