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2016Thermoacoustic And Thermoreflectance Imaging Of Biased Integrated Circuits: Voltage And Temperature MapsHernandez-Rosales; E.; Cedeno; E.; Hernandez-Wong; J.; Rojas-Trigos; J. B.; Marin; E.; Gandra; F. C. G.; Mansanares; A. M.-Artigo
2016Effects Of A Chair-yoga Exercises On Stress Hormone Levels, Daily Life Activities, Falls And Physical Fitness In Institutionalized Older AdultsFurtado; G. E.; Uba-Chupel; M.; Carvalho; H. M.; Souza; N. R.; Ferreira; J. P.; Teixeira; A. M.-Artigo
2016Networked Control Systems Application: Minimization Of The Global Number Of Interactions, Transmissions And Receptions In Multi-hop Network Using Discrete-time Markovian Jump Linear SystemsPalma; J. M.; Carvalho; L. D. P.; Goncalves; A. P. C.; Galarza; C. E.; de Oliveira; A. M.-Artigo
2016Reply To Letter To The Editor By J.-m. Kim Et Al. On "sexual Function And Quality Of Life In Women With Cervical Cancer Before Radiotherapy: A Pilot Study'' By Grion Et Al.Grion; R. C.; Baccaro; Luiz Francisco; Vaz; A. F.; Costa-Paiva; L.; Conde; D. M.; Pinto-Neto; A. M.-Carta
2015Changes In The Microenvironment Of Invading Melanoma And Carcinoma Cells Identified By Ftir ImagingUkkonen; H.; Kumar; S.; Mikkonen; J.; Salo; T.; Singh; S. P.; Koistinen; A. P.; Goormaghtigh; E.; Kullaa; A. M.-Artigo de periódico
2016Incorporation And Release Kinetics Of Alpha-bisabolol From Pcl And Chitosan/guar Gum MembranesBombaldi de Souza; F. C.; Bombaldi de Souza; R. F.; Moraes; A. M.-Congresso
2016Anaerobic Threshold By Mathematical Model In Healthy And Post-myocardial Infarction MenNovais; L. D.; Silva; E.; Simoes; R. P.; Sakabe; D. I.; Martins; L. E. B.; Oliveira; L.; Diniz; C. A. R.; Gallo; L.; Catai; A. M.-Artigo
2016Changes Of Hematological Markers During A Multi-stage Ultra-marathon Competition In The HeatRama; L. M.; Minuzzi; L. G.; Carvalho; H. M.; Costa; R. J. S.; Teixeira; A. M.-Artigo