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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2007Theoretical investigation of a Mn-doped Si/Ge heterostructureArantes, J. T.; Silva, Antônio J. R. da; Fazzio, A.; Antonelli, A.-Artigo
2005Bundling up carbon nanotubes through wigner defectsSilva, Antônio J. R. da; Fazzio, A.; Antonelli, A.-Artigo
2004Stacking-fault based microscopic model for platelets in diamondMiranda, C. R.; Antonelli, A.; Nunes, R. W.-Artigo
2002Interaction of As impurities with 30° partial dislocations in Si: An ab initio investigationAntonelli, A.; Justo, J. F.; Fazzio, A.-Artigo
2003Temperature effects on dislocation core energies in silicon and germaniumMiranda, Caetano R.; Nunes, R. W.; Antonelli, A.-Artigo
2004Vacancy-like defects in a-Si: a first principles studyMiranda, C. R.; Antonelli, A.; Silva, A. J. R. da; Fazzio, A.-Artigo
2002Arsenic segregation, pairing and mobility on the cores of partial dislocations in siliconAntonelli, A.; Justo, J. F.; Fazzio, A.-Artigo
2001The energetics of dislocation cores in semiconductors and their role on dislocation mobilityJusto, Joao F.; Antonelli, A.; Fazzio, A.-Artigo
2006The calculation of free-energiesin semiconductors: defects, transitionsand phase diagramsHernández, E. R.; Antonelli, A.; Colombo, L.; Ordejón, P.-Artigo
2015Polyamorphism in tetrahedral substances: similarities between silicon and iceGarcez, K. M. S.; Antonelli, A.-Artigo
2014Pressure-induced transformations in amorphous silicon: a computational studyGarcez, K. M. S.; Antonelli, A.-Artigo
2012Efficient method to include nuclear quantum effects in the determination of phase boundariesBrito, B. G. A.; Antonelli, A.-Artigo
2008Nonphysical thermodynamical phases in L12 intermetallic alloys from semiempirical tight-binding potentialsMichelon, M. F.; Antonelli, A.-Artigo
2011Pressure effects on the transitions between disordered phases in supercooled liquid siliconGarcez, K. M. S.; Antonelli, A.-Artigo
2010Computational study of configurational and vibrational contributions to the thermodynamics of substitutional alloys: the case of Ni3AlMichelon, M. F.; Antonelli, A.-Artigo
2017Estimating Carrier Relaxation Times In The Ba8ga16ge30 Clathrate In The Extrinsic RegimeGonzález-Romero, Robert L.; Antonelli, A.-Artigo